Prosecco Superiore BRUT, Valdobbiadene D.O.C.G.

  • TYPE: White wine, Sparkling Charmat Method, Brut
  • NAME: Valdobbiadene D.O.C.G.

Luvit’s  Brut Prosecco has a well-defined tanning: it is a thoroughbred Brut. Its dry and rich taste makes this wine the perfect choice for several occasions, such as meetings or refined meals. We recommend matching this wine to a Risotto with Treviso D.O.P. Radicchio (Treviso’s chicory). Its perlage is fine and clear, the colour is straw yellow and its aroma has notes of white flowers and yeast. Its taste is strong and dry. Luvit’s Brut Prosecco is an excellent wine, directly from Valdobbiadene!

FORMAT: Art.1061 CLASSIC  0,75  Litre – Art.1062 MAGNUM  1,50  Litre – Art.1063 JEROBOAM  3,00  Litre – Art.1654 MATHUSALEM  6,00  Litre – Art.1065 SALMANAZAR  9,00  Litre