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Italian brand Luvit & Lumoè is the perfect choice for celebrating the most important moments in your life.
Italian brand Luvit & Lumoè proposes a selection of exclusive Italian wines that represent the well-known Made in Italy. Luvit & Lumoè’s core business focuses on traditional wines of Regione Veneto (Venetian Region).
Prosecco is our best seller. This wine is available in several different typologies: DOC, DOCG, Venice DOC and its organic certified wines such as Pinot Grigio and Pinot Nero. Other popular wines include Organic Prosecco, Prosecco Grappa, Moscato of Colli Euganei and Rosè Spumante Brut from Pinot grapes.
Our certified and selected wines convey the fascination and prestige of our lands, which the entire world knows and appreciates.

“This is the story of Italian brand Luvit & Lumoè. The founder, Mr. Luca Gollin, set up his company in 2008 in Borso del Grappa (Treviso province). Mr. Gollin has always been a wine lover and decided to turn his passion into a job, when he started working as a wine selector. His aim is to let Made in Italy grow and be popular all over the world. Luvit & Lumoè’s customers can enjoy top range products to celebrate the most important moments in their lives.
As a row fish lover, Mr. Gollin has created Prosecco Millesimato BRUT, which now is the state-of-the-art wine of Luvit & Lumoè. The perfect match to any fish dish.

Luvit & Lumoè offer first quality, top range wines. Treat yourself with a refined and exclusive wine bottle directly from Italy. Our wines come in elegant gift boxes and will be delivered to you anywhere in the world.
Our core business is represented by large size bottles, packaged in precious, elegant boxes containing Italian design items.

Services for end consumers.

Orders can be placed online for deliveries to Italy only. Visit our online store and find out our products. If you don’t live in Italy, send us a request of quotation and we will be happy to send you an offer about the wines you would like to order (quotations may vary on the base of delivery address and quantities).


Luvit & Lumoè delivers to hotels, restaurants and cafés. If you own a company in the food sector, place an order on our online store or send us a quotation for extra size / special quantities. We will be happy to assist you! We deliver orders in either small or large quantities.
If you want to be authorized dealer of Luvit & Lumoè products you will find our Franchising Kit online.
We can supply restaurants, hotels and cafés abroad: Luvit & Lumoè will manage your delivery and take care of all customs procedures on your behalf.

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Luvit & Lumoè distributes and delivers to Italy and abroad. Our Logistic Department is able to manage orders of any size as well as carry out customs procedures. Private Labelling Service is available: please contact us for any further information.


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Regione Veneto (Venetian Region) is located in north-east Italy. This is one of the largest wine producing areas in Italy. Vineyards spread over the lashing landscape of Veneto region. This picturesque scenery is enriched by Venice and the beautiful cities of Regione Veneto, such as Asolo and many others.
Our company is located in the heart of this beautiful setting. We have been developing our productive network in order to offer our customers just the best. Lately we have been focusing on organic wines, in order to provide top range wines and satisfy a growing demand.
Let us explain what the terms ORGANIC, BIODYNAMIC, NATURAL mean.

Organic cultivation is ruled by European Law 203/2012: vines have to be cultivated without using any chemical substances, such as herbicide or insecticide. No GMO must be used. The wine producer has to follow the law and guarantee that producing phases of wine follow just the natural transformation processes. Every company will be checked in order to obtain conformity certificate and will be free to get as closer as possible to the concept of green agriculture.

Back in the 1920s Austrian Rudolf Steiner invented the biodynamic cultivation and set its three main benchmarks:

    • fertility of soil has to be kept to constant levels thanks to the addition of nutritive substances;
    • plants have to be kept in healthy conditions, so to be resistant to pests and illnesses;
    • products have to meet high quality standards.

Organic wines as well as Biodynamic wines are not ruled by univocal laws. Associations which represent this agricultural philosophy have ruled strict norms about vineyards and wine cellars. As a reference we name three Italian leading associations “La Renaissance d’Appellation”, “ViticolturaBioDinamica”, “Demeter Associazione Italia”.

Companies which follow this philosophy manage their business respecting the balance between the human work and natural cycles, aiming to make producing process as natural as possible.

Producers aim to make wine from the local area, a direct product of the land and culture they belong to.

The rule they follow is clear and simple:

  • Cultivation of autochthon vines
  • Manual harvest
  • Autochthon yeasts
  • Fermentation without temperature check
  • No clarifying or filtering operation that may alter the biological and natural balance of wines.

This agricultural management of business and production is not ruled by any certification and/or association but it can be equalized to organic and biodynamic processes. Every producer will be free to set a target to their natural and organic products.